Heussner Residence

This home located in the Houston Heights, was our first chance to test our hand at residential mill work in 2003. Prior to this, we solely did custom Arts & Crafts furniture. A good customer who happened to be a contractor, recommended our shop to his client to produce all the trim and custom cabinets in the house.

Needless to say, there was a huge learning curve not only on how to build and install, but also how to bid. The shop basically broke even on this job, but it is our commitment to produce the best possible product no matter what the circumstances. 

I do get a chance every now and then to visit this home and after nearly 10 years, the quality still remains. I have seen all too many homes that are not this old and the trim and cabinets built and installed by others has not held up over time. When you want a job done right the first time with a guarantee to last, we are your one stop shop!



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