Morrison  Residence

Not too long ago, there was a surge to 
reclaim old timbers from dilapidated 
buildings and have them sawn into lumber
for furniture and cabinets. It was kind of a 
start to the green movement we know
today by using existing resources.

This customer is an artist who has
always been on the green bandwagon
as her art primarily consists of found
objects. Every now and then, she will show 
up at our shop and rummage around
for whatever wood scraps she can
round up. With these scraps, she creates
some very interesting pieces honoring
 some of the great musicians
in blues and rock.

Check out her work here...

Our kitchen cabinets can be crated
and shipped anywhere in the United States
at very reasonable rates. Call
Richard Loper to start the design
process on your new custom kitchen!


Shown in Antique Pine


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